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computer problems, solutions, tips and fixes

Website last updated: Thursday September 3, 2020

computer problemsWelcome to this website which is designed to assist people with common computer problems and solutions. It’s completely free to use and no registration is required.

I’ve been “messing about” with computers since 1979 when the Commodore Pet was launched along with the Sinclair Spectrum and the BBC Micro. During this time I’ve had to do a lot of PC troubleshooting.

I’ve lost count of how many problems I’ve had with computers, software, hardware: you name it! Mostly I’ve managed to find answers either on line or from help desks etc. Now I’m retired I often end up fixing someone’s laptop or sorting out network and printer problems and it occurred to me that others must be having the same computer problems.

I’ve decided to produce this website and on it to show computer problems and solutions that I’ve come across in terms that anyone can understand in the hope that the user will find an answer here.

I’ve divided the site into sections which can be accessed through the top links. In addition, you can search for information on your problem using the search box which is located at the top left of every page.

Windows Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows is obviously the most common operating system and has been since the first version I used which was Windows 3.0 in 1995 having used MS-DOS before. (Apologies to Linux and Apple owners which are great systems but I don't know enough about them to include them on here). There are many hints, tips and tricks that apply to Windows and there are also many problems that people encounter. I will be adding to this section on a regular basis. I only intend to cover versions 7, 8 and 10 as even Microsoft doesn't support XP any more.

Computer Programs and Software

By definition this section covers programs made for Microsoft windows but excludes Microsoft Office suite and Website design software as they have their own section.

Microsoft Office Suite

The Office suite comprises a number of programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access Etc. All of these have many tricks, tips and shortcuts associated with them and indeed many are well known but I've devoted this section to putting them all together and with some really useful ones that are not so well known.

Computer Peripherals

Peripherals can cause a great deal of trouble when connecting to a computer especially if the correct driver can't be found. Such items as printers, external backup drives and modems all cause problems from time to time. This section is reserved for those.

Website Design Principles

Not so much computer problems pages as helpful ones. I'll cover designing web sites using Dreamweaver along with hints and tips about HTML which should be of use to anyone contemplating designing a website.

Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This subject of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is covered all over the internet. There are thousands of folks out there who will "guarantee" a top position in the search engines for your website if only you pay them for the privilege. I'm sure that they mean well but you can easily do good Search Engine Optimisation yourself if you know how. This section will help.

If you have anything useful to submit relating to a computer problem or solution please send it to me using the link at the bottom left. If it’s relevant and useful I’ll add it and credit you with it. I'll also include a link back to your website if you have one.


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