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Website last updated: Saturday April 27, 2019

search engine optimisationThis section is all about website SEO. There are billions of websites out there each one vying for that coveted position on the first page of Google search results. There are also thousands of professionals out there who will promise to get your website into a very high ranking position; for a price!

The fact is that it's not easy to get high rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo for that matter. Good SEO is essential if you want to get near the top of the so called organic search results. One thing's for sure, good web sites will usually drift towards the top just like talent in normal life. There follows some hints and tips regarding good SEO practices which should help you to get your website high in the search engine rankings. I have also included a section on using Google Adwords and another section on finding your best keywords which it is essential that you do in order to succeed even if you pay Google to advertise! Good SEO is needed in all cases.

Remember CONTENT IS KING! The search engines are companies who make their living by advertising. They rely, just like any other company, on us users to use their services to find things and whilst we are looking, show us advertisements. I don't know about you but if I were searching for "green widgets" and Google constantly took to me to websites which only sold blue widgets, I probably wouldn't use it's search engine much. By the same token if I'm researching "playing bridge" and I ended up with just one page, sparsely populated with words, on the subject, again I'd be looking for another search engine.

No matter what you do to a website or how much you pay someone to do it, without good content you will waste your time and money.

Basic principles of search engine optimisation for websites

Using Google Adwords to guarantee first page rankings

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Finding the correct keywords for your website

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Using keywords correctly

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