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introduction to basic website design principles

Website last updated: Saturday April 27, 2019

website designThe principles of good website design and Search Engine Optimisation

Good website design is generally reckoned to be able to attract visitors and keep them! Gimmicks such as flashing advertisements, scrolling text and similar effects are at best distracting and at worst, off putting. They are not considered conducive to effective Website design nowadays. There are some exceptions. (A website aimed at hiring out bouncy castles might well have flashing objects on it). Ideally the visitor should never be more than two or maybe three clicks away from any page. A good website design for a small organisation or an individual probably only needs to be a few pages. It needs to be well written and free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

There are three ways of getting a website. 1) Use one of the on-line web site builders, 2) Use a blogging platform such as Wordpress or 3) Get a bit technical and use website design software such as Adobe Dreamweaver which is my personal preference.. I have put together a list of for and against each this page.

I have put together a few notes on effective website design which show the generally accepted thinking that prevails nowadays but not all website designers actually follow these rules! Some of the main important points can be summarised as follows:

Website design and SEO is dependant on keyword research even before text is applied to a page. Part of the website design process involves putting together an initial list of keywords and there are quite a few ways of doing this that are explained on this page.


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