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computer peripherals.common problems solved

Website last updated: Thursday September 3, 2020

computer peripheralsComputer peripheral devices are generally speaking are defined as anything that is connected to a computer such as a printer, keyboard, mouse etc. For this section of the website I have extended that to include such things as video cards and HDMI connections as Computer peripherals as strictly speaking they do come under this heading.

Problems with these devices are many and various and are often caused by incorrect or out of date drivers. A driver is a bit of software that connects a computer to the outside world and out of date ones can cause such peripheral devices not to work.

NVIDIA. HDMI not plugged in. Problems after upgrading to Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10, the sound output from my computer's HDMI socket ceased working. All the connections were obviously OK as the video output, (to my lounge TV), worked fine. This is how to fix it. More


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