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computer program problems and useful tricks

Website last updated: Saturday April 27, 2019

computer program problemsComputer software can be described as "the programs that run on your computer". That's over simplifying it a bit because we have three types of computer operating systems namely, Windows, Linux and Apple Mac. Microsoft Windows is far and away the most popular operating system and so this website concentrates on computer software for those systems only.

When computer software is working properly it can do the most amazing things but when it goes wrong it can lead to a lot of frustration. This section of the website seeks to help people who have problems with their Computer software and attempts to solve common problems in layman's terms. I intend to keep adding to the articles on here in order to cover a large range of computer software. If you have any useful tips that you would like to share please send them to me and if they are suitable, I'll put them on the site.

How to override the security warnings you get in all browsers

In 2017, Google announced that websites that didn't have a secure connection would, in future, rate lower in their generic search engine results. You can recognise a website which does have a secure connection because the URL, (address), starts with https instead of http. The "s" means secure. More

How to make any browser open multiple home pages simultaneously

You can force your web browser to open several home pages when it starts up. Here are full details of how to do this for every popular browser. More

How to install Kodi and the Wookie plugin on a Windows computer

Kodi is a free video player but by installing Wookie on top of it, you add a load of plugins which allow you to expand it's use. You should, however, avoid using copywrited material. More

How to make a printable play list from MP3 files

MP3tag is a free program that you can download which can be used to make a play list of any number of .MP3 files which can be printed out if required. More

Getting Roboform to "remember" your master password

Roboform is a great password manager that I have used for many years. It not only remembers login details but also generates passwords and automatically logs into your favourite websites for you. If you keep getting "nagged" for your master password there is a way to stop this. More


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