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change your chrome browser's startup pages

Website last updated: Saturday April 27, 2019

google chrome browser settingsIf you find that you use certain web pages a lot you can save a lot of time by instructing your browser to open them all when you start it up. You can change the settings quite easily in most popular browsers and I'll cover how to do the most popular here starting with Google Chrome. Links to the others are on the right.

Open Google Chrome browser and look for the main menu represented by the three short horizontal lines at the top right as shown here.



chrome browser multiple home pages




Click on that and then on "Settings" and the settings page will open in a new tab. Look near the top of this page for the set pages menu.

Click on "Set pages" as shown in red on the right.

You will now be presented with the startup pages menu shown below.

google chrome set pages menu

Now click on "Add a new page" and then type the page address into the box next to it. You don't need to enter the http:// part, just Now click on OK to save the setting

If you change your mind and need to delete a page, simply move your mouse over the address and it will highlight with an X in the top right hand corner. Click on this to delete the page.


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